Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I miss food !!! .... Do I really ? Do you?

Sometimes when I'm being a little strict with what I eat
I'd whine, I'd feel annoyed because I can't eat that crispy crunchy fried chicken skin
yes I'm hardcore like dat ;p

or when everyone's having a feast right in front of me,
Traditionally grilled fish, Deep fried prawns, and I can't touch anything else but my salad, I'd be sulking eating my salad.

or if I can't eat a yummy cheesy pizza...
I'd feel like I'm missing out, on great food, on great time, on feeling satisfied

So Why TORTURE yourself ?
Right ??

What do you mean by "torturing yourself" ?
Torturing yourself by choosing to eat healthily but the food don't taste as yummy ?
Torturing yourself by over-eating all the "yummy" but dangerously unhealthy food on a daily basis ?

Eating healthily is not yummy ????
Let's start with blackberries (I have a thing for blackberries, love em)
Okay... let's start with fruits in general.... fruits are healthy..... fruits are yummy....there.
But what about salads ? they're boring .... bla bla bla
Okay.... Here's the thing
Healthy food can be yummy and it's not just salads
you're just not that familiar with them yet
you're too familiar with the widely available "normal" food that surrounds you
Just know Healthy food can be yummy.... that's a start ;p
The more you look into it, the more you know, the more you love it.
It's your homework to find out more for yourself.

For me :
> When I was trying to lose weight, I was focused, I was motivated
So I didn't feel like I was missing out on great food.
I was eating healthy food and I loved it
I loved how the food tasted, I loved how it's making me feel "light" all the time.
and honestly, I felt better than everyone else because I was eating "right"....ah my ego.
> After I got my "ideal" weight, I started to loosen up a bit.
I ate everything again, and I felt "heavy", I didn't feel good
I didn't gain weight again, but I went back to eating healthily again, I tried to be strict, but because I was already in my "ideal" weight, I was slacking, I craved food, unhealthy food.
So I had to decide : eat 'sinful' food but feel good for 5 minutes and feel awful from indigestion and guilt for the next 2 hours, or eat healthy food mixed with a tiny bit of 'sinful' food and still feel good afterwards.
> So now, I eat everything, yep everything.
I mainly eat a lot of fruits and raw salads and lightly cooked vegetables, beans, nuts, etc and I'm happy about it.
I allow myself pizza, fried food, ice cream etc from time to time in smaller amount.
If I know the food's not healthy, I don't eat a lot of it, but I eat em if I want to, in small amounts.
I don't crazily crave food anymore, I don't overeat anymore, I love love love my food now.
I know this is probably not the best solution, because ideally we need to eat healthy food all the time and non of the sinful food, but for me, this works for now.

So ....
Secret no. 1 :

Eat mainly Healthy food (fruits, vegs, beans, nuts, etc etc ) but from time to time, allow yourself a little bit of the 'sinful' food that you crave.
mix em up so you always enjoy your food.

BUT !!!
If you have a medical condition or if you're seriously overweight and you need to be on a specific diet (a safe diet monitored by experts), then by all means, Don't slack !!
Stay on that specific diet !! Focus & Be in control !!
Trust me, you're not missing out on anything, It's only food, Your priority is your health and your life !!
(Read on)

There would be time that I'd NOT want the 'sinful' food at all.... I just don't want them and I listen to my body..... I simply listen. and if feels good knowing that your body only wants to eat healthy food.

But There are also time when I want a lot of the 'sinful' food and I know I shouldn't but I just want em so bad and I start to whine and say to myself :
"I'm missing out on not eating that crunchy fried chicken and that chocolate hotfudge sundae"
so I consciously say :
"I ain't missing nothing, it's just food, I choose to eat healthily and I do enjoy my healthy food, they make me feel light and they keep me in good shape. I'm in the middle of making my dreams come true, my life's exciting and I'm happy with my life, I surround myself with supportive family and friends. I'm more focused with my life right now, I'm not gonna use food to make me happy, I'm not gonna get "high" from a bowl of chocolate sundae because I'm at a state of "high" all the time from my fun and productive life"
that's Secret no.2

Sadly, a lot of people don't enjoy life, they hate their job, their daily life's boring, so when it comes to food, they eat and eat and eat, to find a little consolation perhaps ?
to find "happiness" ?
So they eat more...... they eat yummy stuff, yes they do
but a lot of the yummy stuff that they eat are not healthy !!
Or they may know that the food they're eating is not healthy, but they refuse to listen, they somehow pretend to not know, for the sake of great tasting food ?
eg. they say yogurt is good for you, but commercial yogurt contain a lot of refined sugar, so you decide to keep eating A LOT OF sugar because they say yogurt makes you healthy ?
A LOT OF sugar in the yogurt will make you healthy ????
Some people are in Denial.
So in a way, they're also torturing themselves, their bodies.

So the solution to that is you need to find happiness in life, and not from food.
Find happiness from what you do in life, then the food, all the cheesecake, cupcakes, steaks, burgers, pizzas, they're no longer your main focus in life, instead you're more conscious with what you eat, with what you put inside your system, with how they grow your food and how they affect the environment, you're more concerned with what keeps you healthy and happy, because you'd want a long healthy happy life to get you to your dreams, your main goal in life.

Come on....
Don't tell me that salad doesn't look tempting ?
You know it's got your attention,
take a look at the colors, the crunch, the nutrients
it's guilt-free, (well.... almost...coz the tempeh is fried ;p)

So Here's the thing ....
Eat whatever you want but Don't overeat and feel over-stuffed later, that just sucks.
Don't eat like there's no tomorrow, eat just about enough, you'll feel good.
& Remember Balance is Key
If you want to eat that greasy fatty piece of meat and Noone can't stop you from eating it and you know you're not gonna die from eating it, so go ahead
But eat less of the greasy fatty meat, and eat more salad at the same time.
That way, you still get what you crave, but you're still on the safe side, and you still enjoy your food !!!
Actually, if you can and want..... eat healthily ALL THE TIME !!! :)

btw.... If you're craving something sweet, a cake, ice cream, etc, get a piece of fruit instead, any fruit that you like, it's way better than processed food and before you know it, your cravings are gone :) try it !!

and Don't get life pleasures just from food !!
You should enjoy your food, but more importantly you should find life's pleasures from life, from your job, from your accomplishments, from your friends, from your kids, from helping others, from enjoying that cool morning breeze, from the little things in life, from your surroundings.
Live a full happy exciting fun healthy Life !! That's your priority :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Life doesn't need all that money

We think we need the best of everything in order to have a Healthy Life.
It's a yes and no situation....

Look at the wealthiest people in the world
They have the best quality food, the best houses in the best area, the best of education
and if they get sick, they have the best supplements/vitamins/medicines, the best doctors, the best medical facilities.
In short, they have the money to get the best of everything in life.

BUT .............
Are they necessarily happy ?
are they eating right ?
are they living right ?
and are they living they life they really want ?

YES... they will have a Healthy Life, only if they live right
We see rich people get sick
Politicians, Presidents, Celebrities, Heirs, Kings, Royalties, Rich businessman, scientists, even doctors, they all get sick.
Heart attacks, High blood pressures, Depression, Cancer, AIDS, Cholesterol problems, etc
They all have access to the best quality organic food, the best purest living conditions, the best medical care, and they all still got defeated by illnesses......
They have power and they've accomplished so much but they don't live a balanced life and they're not necessarily happy.

NO.... the best of everything money can buy doesn't necessarily get you health.
You have to want the Healthy Life and Live it.

Money can buy you things, and yes they make life easier.
But we know that money doesn't give us happiness

Money gets you the best entertainments and parties
but endless nights of clubbing and excessive smoking & drinking will ruin you in the end.

Money makes you want more money
You work extra hours and you burn yourself out with deadlines and stress
You tire yourself and you become unhappy

Money gives you the power to buy anything you want, to eat whatever you want.
But you choose to eat unhealthily

Money gives you the best in Life
but if you don't choose to live right, all the money in the world will not make you Healthy.

and we know that it's not just the best food
Eating the best quality Healthiest food in the world won't keep you healthy if you're unhappy, stressed out, angry, lonely.
Taking the highest quality vitamins won't keep you healthy if you're eating junk most of the time.
Knowing the best doctors, scientists, and all the newest breakthrough in medicine won't keep you healthy if you don't apply all those information in your life and actually live a healthy life.
Being a hardworker at your job and being lazy when it comes to exercising makes you unfit
They're all linked together.
So it's your choice
You need to want to be Healthy
Have a Balanced Life
Love your job and Accomplish in Life
Know when to rest
Eat well, Enjoy your food
Exercise enough and Have Fun doing it
Spend time outside in Nature
Surround yourself with loved ones and be sincerely Happy
Remember your Daily Prayers, Be grateful
Do Good and Grow in Love
and you're good...

You don't need all that money to be the happiest healthiest person in the world :)
You can be, right now :)

Money Issue on Healthy Food # 1

Here's a picture of Klappertaart and a close up of a Pomegranate

1 cup of Klappertaart cost approx US$ 2
1 Pomegranate fruit cost approx US$ 2

They both taste good
but Pomegranate wins in the "I'll make you pretty, happy & healthy" department

Easy choice, right ?
Buy fruit instead of desserts !!

"But some fruits are expensive"
I know I've said that.... looking at a small bag of cherries costing up to US$ 10
But I don't mind spending that amount money on 3 slices of gourmet cakes or a tub of high quality ice cream.

What is it with beautiful desserts that makes us don't mind spending the money ?
yes they taste good, yes they're pretty... but they're not healthy
Fruits on the other hand............. are very beneficial for you
I don't have to tell you about their anti-oxidant properties, or how they make your skin glow or how they contain essential vitamins that your body need....... you already know all that
It's a matter of realizing it and making the right choice
So if you're gonna spend the same amount of money on desserts or fruits..... choose fruits instead :)

and even if you can't stop eating desserts,
try to have a Balance
Next time you're thinking to get cute cakes and ice cream
Get that fruit you've been holding back buying........
that Local Organic Blackberries, the Seasonal Mango, those Figs.....mmmm :)
or just get any affordable fruits that you like
and after a while, if you keep listening to your body....
you'll know that you're gonna want more healthy fruits instead of sugary desserts.

So Splurge on Fruits !!
and as with everything..... eat in moderation :D

PS. Klappertaart is a dessert that has a Dutch influence
It is like custard with generous coconut meat slices inside.
Some people prefer the baked version, making it more cake-y.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Donuts and desserts .... yummmoo rite ?

What are donuts doing here in The Healthy Life Diet blog ?
we all know donuts aren't healthy....
but they taste good tho....
so despite their fattening and unhealthy characteristic, they make us happy, in a way... ;p
Is it true ? yes ? no ?

Desserts are also becoming a thing of prestige nowadays....
We see people buying expensive desserts wrapped in beautiful fancy boxes
They then flaunt the pretty paper bag with desserts in it.
Above is a photo of Macarons from Ladurée that I bought when I was in Paris.
Just going to the Ladurée at Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris itself is an experience.
Everything is gorgeous from the colorful arrays of macarons to the decor of the Tea salon and even the packaging itself makes you want to have one.
It's a complete package of beautiful things, decadent desserts and prestige rolled into a lifestyle that we all want.
And for those that can't afford such a lifestyle ?
well... cheaper alternatives are everywhere and because they're all sugary food, they taste good too.

I'm not saying we should reject the "lifestyle" and we should all stop eating desserts and ice cream and cakes.
You may do so if you choose to eat healthy living foods and you'll definitely feel good about yourself.... Good for you !!
But for a lot of us..... it's hard to Not eat desserts.... rite ?

so we know why we eat desserts :
1. desserts taste great.......
2. desserts make us happy.... kinda....(because too much of them makes u sick and we tend to eat too much of them..... why that is will be discussed later on)
3. fancy desserts look pretty and we're all attracted to pretty things ;p
4. prestige :
- buying fancy desserts alone somehow gives you a superior feeling of having a distinguished taste over other people's.... you feel proud carrying that box of assorted cakes from that particular cake shoppe.
- esp the girls, we want the haute lifestyle of afternoon tea and eating fancy expensive gorgeous tiny little desserts while we get the chance to play dress up and be seen :)
- they make great gifts, .... people just love receiving them
5. desserts are sold everywhere
It's so easy for us to just buy them, exclusive dessert boutique, restaurants, corner shoppe, supermarkets, schools, etc

what else do we know ?
Desserts are pretty yes, but they're mostly a lump of unhealthy fat and sugar and salt
(and other unnecessary ingredients such as artificial color, artificial flavor, preservatives, etc)
So we take joy in eating a lump of unhealthy fat and sugar and salt ?
For what ? only to feel awful afterwards ?
We feel awful physically because again, we overeat and when it comes to dessert, we tend to overeat which leads to not just feeling too full, but to gaining weight and bad health.
We feel awful mentally because again, we feel guilty for "ruining" our diet
Afterwards we promise ourselves that we wouldn't eat desserts anymore, but we break our own promise, so the cycle continues..... feeling awful, awful awful.
Then you try a certain diet, you try to exercise more but you never do, you try a certain diet pill, you try a certain slimming treatment at a beauty center.
It's like willingly and happily eating "poison" and frantically searching for antidotes later on.

Why ?
because we lack will power, yes....
But also....
"But by combining fats, sugar and salt in innumerable ways, food makers have essentially tapped into the brain’s reward system, creating a feedback loop that stimulates our desire to eat and leaves us wanting more and more even when we’re full."

That statement is based on a book by Dr. David Kessler
"The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite"
I haven't read the book yet, but the reviews are good and informative

"You can't even tell when you are satiated, because the combination of the fat, sugar, and salt overrides the ability for the body to create satiety signals to get you to stop eating. "

"fat, salt and sugar are there in combinations to solely get you hooked to eat more of the product"

So now we know that our brain is tricked by all the combination of fat, sugar and salt in the dessert so we can't stop eating it, but eating so much of it makes us feel awful afterwards.
It's kinda being lied to, in a way.
and I think it's time that we all be responsible and start eating healthily.
For most of us, it doesn't mean that we should stop eating desserts for good.
Again... if you can do so, good for you :)
But if you're eating 3 bars of chocolate and drinking 5 cans of soft drinks daily, that's not good.
Alcohol contains sugars too.... cocktails especially.
So be responsible..... You know it's bad for you, so why do you keep eating so much of it ?
Be smarter and Choose a way healthier alternative.

I don't have a photo of fruits right now....
but you can imagine this....
Donuts vs Freshly cut bright red watermelon that's sweet and cool and crunchy
Biscuits vs Mango with the perfect juicy orange flesh that has the perfect balance of sweetness and sourness that you can't get enough of.
Candies vs Grapes.... as simple as that....
Syrup vs Freshly squeezed Orange Juice
you get the picture right ?

Donuts, biscuits and candies vs sweet fresh fruits
Fruits are sweet too... but they're way healthier than desserts
Fruits doesn't make us feel awful, not like when we eat too much fatty desserts
Now you tell me why can't fruits be a lifestyle ?
If you choose fruits over fatty sugary desserts, you'll definitely slim down to a better weight and you'll definitely feel "light"
Why can't we choose fruits to satisfy our "sugar" cravings ?
It's your choice :)
and I believe you'll make the right choice.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You only Live once ....

Some people would say....
"You only live once and Life is short, so why restrict ourselves from all the great food out there ?"

I say....
"You only live once, and Life is short, so why make it shorter?"

The thing with most people is, they don't know that healthy food , taste great too.
A lot of the "great tasting normal food" are often over processed food that's high in sugar, fat, artificial flavorings, artificial color, preservatives, etc.
Healthy food is underrated really, it's not just a simple bowl of boring salads anymore, it's so much more.... there are so many variation, spices, dishes, desserts, that are healthy and super yummyyyyy.
You don't have to be a Vegan to be healthy, but you need fruits and vegetables to stay healthy.

Another thing is.... most people are stubborn and they believe what they want to believe.
If they go to a supermarket and read a food product that has "Healthy" all over it, they buy it.
it may be considered "healthier" to its product competitors due to an increase in vitamin levels because the product may be fortified, but it may not be all that healthy.
Let's say a yogurt..... it may have a good bacteria that we need,
but will the live bacteria reach the intestines so that they have a chance to flourish ?
and some yogurt brand contains artificial flavor and color.
and a whole lot of sugar.
so.... "healthy" may not necessarily mean healthy.
But since they taste good, most people choose to believe that the yogurt that contains artificial flavor and color and lots of sugar is healthy and choose to overlook other not-so-healthy ingredients.
So... what we choose to eat is totally our choice and it's also a case of re-educating ourselves

Yes you only Live once,
Yes Life is short
so please eat healthily.... or eat healthier at least, Try it.... and you'll find that Healthy food also taste great and it'll make you feel great too.

But it's not all about food.
It's also about achieving your life goals, it's about making your dreams come true, it's about being useful for others, it's about sharing, it's about finding true happiness, it's about accomplishing all that, it's about Living a Meaningful Fun Exciting Life.

So by all means, make your Life meaningful :)
you can start by eating healthier
and you can start now :)

What about Emotional Eating ?

Rose apples at the market

Emotional Eating huh ?
So what about it ?

we all need an excuse to eat junk food.
and in this case, feeling down, a broken heart, a stubborn boss, an argument, feeling bored, etc etc
They all lead to what ? emotional eating....
Ever hear of these
"Oh what the hell, I'm eating this ice cream anyway"
"Screw the cleanse, I need that triple layered chocolate cake, I so need something to make me feel better"
yup... we've all heard that, we've all said that, we've all used that excuse.
and we've all been "brainwashed" into thinking that fat+sugar+fried food will make use feel better.
brainwashed how ? movies, film, TV, advertising, magazines, etc etc.....
We are led to believe that it's so very soothing and comfortable to indulge in a lot of fatty sugary over-processed food and everything will be all better after that.
We want the feeling of satisfaction that they potray in advertisings.
So.... "emotional eating" has become an excuse and they know how to use it to sell products.

Here's the thing....
so you wanna eat junk food to temporary get you away from your problems as a brief "lift me up"
then do so....just don't eat too much that you feel like throwing up afterwards and don't feel guilty that you feel like you've failed your healthy lifestyle.
Be responsible about and Don't let "emotional eating" or your problems be the black sheep, you have to be responsible of your actions all the time.

The problem with emotional eating is.....
you eat and you eat and you eat until you feel way too full and yet you keep on eating to torture yourself.
you eat and you eat and you still feel sad.
So instead of feeling better afterwards, you feel way worse.
the problem will still be there and now you feel bloated from all the sugar and fat that you've just consumed, not to mention the guilt.

So.... the next time you feel like you need to eat desserts or greasy burgers to ease your problems away.
Choose a healthier alternative or just eat fruits instead, seriously get yourself a bowl of fresh fruit salad and see what happens, the cravings for junk food will diminish.
Or you can eat desserts / greasy burgers anyway......... but don't overeat, stop when you are full and don't feel guilty afterwards, learn to take responsibilities for your actions, you know greasy burgers are not healthy, if you choose to eat it anyway, then it's your choice.
You are not punishing other people by putting fat and sugar into your body, you're only hurting yourself, hey... they don't even care what you're doing....
That's the truth, No one cares if you're torturing and punishing yourself by emotional overeating.
and you're not solving any problems either by eating and eating and eating.

So... starting from now.....No more emotional eating as an excuse.
Dare to Live your Life, you deserve the very best in Life
Be smart and Take care of yourself. :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

It's All in your Head

yup... it truly is.
If you just found out that something is bad for you, then you don't eat it.
Your head tells you not to.
Your will is strong

after a while, you think it's okay to eat, then you allow yourself to eat it
because you think you deserve it after a while.
because everyone else's eating it
because you forgot what was the initial reason that made you not eat it in the first place

So it's all in your Head

So you go to the gym now.
and you think you deserve treats.... you deserve that little reward in the form of pretty little dessert that is unhealthy fat and refined sugar.
uhuh.... it's totally okay if you're still in control and if that one little treat totally made you happy.
But for most of us, that one little treat escalates into 2 little treats and the next day you want more and more and more
That little treat becomes your old habit of pigging out....
Hey.... you're working out at the gym anyway.... so it's allowed, right ?
wrong........ !!!

That little "guilty" treat may be unstoppable if you go out of control again.
Then you'll allow other things to eat
Then you'll start feeling guilty.
Then you'll start feeling sluggish again
and even so, you're back to procrastinating your healthy lifestyle
remember this line "Oh I'll start tomorrow" ?
Then before you know it, you're back to where you started.
All those healthy efforts wasted.

I know it's so easy to go back to what's considered "normal" eating by others.
It's lonely where you are, maintaining what you eat.
Skipping dinner invitatitions or maybe social events.
Tired of explaining what you eat and why you eat it to the rest of the world.
That's why it's important to stay motivated and remain excited as if you're doing this "project" for the first time.
Remember the feeling, the right reasons, the motivations, the hopes, the anticipation, waiting for the day to come where you've accomplish your goal.
and don't think of the whole "project" as a burden to you,
it's supposed to be Fun and exciting and you're supposed to be feeling great.

I've been eating healthily for almost 8 months
then I decided that I'll allow myself to eat fish, prawns, etc
but I've been eating a little bit out of control this 2 weeks.
I've eaten out with friends and families in restaurant - fried food, non Vegan food
I've eaten the "normal" home-cooked meal at home
I've eaten sugar again !!! and flour ... yup... traditional vegan desserts/snacks and biscuits (non Vegan)
and then I started going to the gym
So... I started to loosen up a bit
I allowed more refined carbs, refined sugar, fried food, refined flour
I thought....."I'm going to burn those carbs and margarine/butter/fats at the gym anyway" --> sounds familiar ?
The truth is it's not about burning calories or burning fats and allowing yourself to eat whatever, it's about eating healthily at all times.
There's always an option, fresh fruits are always a better alternative than unhealthy desserts.
I also allowed biscuits back
and one bite becomes 5 bites becomes a daily "addiction"
yes somehow... I've been eating "out of control" lately.
yes it's easier because I can eat everything again.
and sadly, families and friends welcome me with open arms,
Before, they have to consider me if they wanted to eat somewhere but lately we can go back to eating wherever again.
It's easy, I have to say.
Just eat stuff that's on the dining table at the kitchen.
Just order food in a restaurant, any food at all.
No preparing, washing vegs, cutting up vegs, steaming vegs, etc
Just sit and eat whatever.
and the best thing is you eat with your loved ones.... yuppp... you share food.

But I now can no longer eat too much of the "normal" food.
As much as I love sharing food with families and friends.
I don't feel good after wards.
So after 8 months of feeling good and eating right and healthily.
I started to feel sluggish again.
I started to eat up to a point where I'm too full everyday
after 8 months of not needing to take the old enzyme tablet to help digestion
I took them again... yup....because...
and all that unhealthy food is causing me to have (excuse me) mild diarrhea

I feel so much better eating healthy fresh raw vegs and steamed vegs.
I feel so much better snacking on fresh fruits rather than processed desserts.
Why do I keep coming back to eating the "junk" ?
Because it's easy and because everyone's eating it.

But I can't anymore
I don't feel good.
I don't care about gaining a few pounds, staying slim is not the case here.
Eating "normal" food makes me feel heavy and bloated and I just don't enjoy the feeling "after" meals.

and it's okay... I'm going to start over
There's no point in lingering in regret and guilt.
Just move on and start over.
So... I'm going to start eating my Vegan meal again,
spending more time preparing for my food
I'll still make time to eat with friends and families
bringing food with me, if I have to, when I go out
(salad/vegs to eat and sliced fruits to snack on)
when I eat out, I'll order a salad / vegetable sautee.
I'll still allow some occasional "cheats" but I'll mainly stay Vegan.
well.. theoretically I'm not a Vegan anymore, but that doesn't matter.
What matter is I'm trying to eat well and healthy and I'm listening to my body.
and I'm happy about it.

and it's about being Responsible.
Don't blame a Diet for not working,
Don't just follow 1 diet strictly, use your common sense, do research, Find Diets that suit you best.
Take what's beneficial from different diets and make them your own.
Don't blame others for always cooking the best food whenever you're starting your "Diet"
and Remember, it's not a diet Diet, it's what you're going to eat and enjoy for the rest of your life.
Don't blame others for always inviting you to dinner and make you ate too much.
They didn't make you eat too much, you just ate too much, period.
Don't blame yourself
Blame your being irresponsible, then make it right.
Take control of your Life.
Don't stress about it.
Just take things lightly.
Have Fun, stay Healthy, Be Happy.

So yeah, it's all in my Head
I allowed myself to eat everything and now I don't feel good.
I somehow need to be reminded what motivate me to start living healthily in the first place
I need to go back to eating healthily, I need to go back to living healhily.
I need to stay motivated.

So, How do you keep motivated ?
How do you stay in the healthy lifestyle ?
- know that by doing so, you can stay in shape and you don't even have to do portion control, you won't starve yourself, just eat healthily and don't over induldge :)
- It may make things easier if you're involved in a community, join healthy food potlucks, meet new people and share knowledge.
- Read other people's blogs.... there are a lot of Vegan, Raw Vegan, Vegetarian, Healthy Food blogs out there.
They're very inspiring, They have lots of beautiful pictures of really healthy food and desserts.
You'll want to eat that instead of junk food.
- If you have time, make a photo blog of your favorite healthy food
A lot of times I eat such great food, they're healthy and I feel so satisfied.
I'm like "Ohh man, that was really really good, I can eat this everyday"
and it's just basically green vegs, beans and some healthy dressing
I know that doesn't sound like much, but the perfect combination makes it great.
But like most people, sometimes I forgot, so I have my blog, so I can be reminded of the yummy healthy stuff I ate, so when I need inspiration of what to eat, I can always go back to the blog and pick a meal :)

For me, healthy food is Vegan and Raw Vegan food.
But whatever your food choices are right now, whatever you think healthy food is, If you keep on researching and learning about healthy food.
It'll all comes down to fresh raw organic vegetables and fruits, that's the basic essential, you may steam vegs, sautee vegs, but in the end, you'll feel that a bowl of healthy rainbow salad keeps you very satisfied.
then there are nuts, seeds, etc.
So.... you don't have to drastically change your diet if you can't because if you force yourself too hard, you won't stay on the new "diet" for long,
Add more and more of the healthy vegs and fruits to your daily "diet" and you'll find yourself adjusting very happily to the new "diet" and you'll want more and more of the healthy food.
- Read books and Re-read your old books.
Remind yourself of important stuff that you already know.
Remind yourself of the why's and how's
- Keep opening your mind to new stuff and Keep on learning
- Know what you're doing is right and good for you.
Know that you're taking care of yourself and it will definitely reap the benefit in years to come.

So stay healthy, stay balanced, stay happy :)